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Who We Are

We are a group of lean driven individuals, passionate about creating great architecture & develop high quality software.

We successfully evolved from a small startup to a lean software house. It's all started as a single freelancer work, but with time more passionate professionals joined, and now we are a team.
Our mission is to architecture & develop high quality software, based on a combination of the Lean and Agile Software Development Method.

We value:

Individuals and interactions

over processes and tools.

Working software

over comprehensive documentation.

Customer collaboration

over contract negotiation.

Responding to change

over over following a plan.

Amplify learning

over stay the same.

Eliminate waste

over follow the rules.

Delivery as fast as possible

over stick to plan.

Decisions as late as possible

over premature optimization.

What We Do

We have everything to build for you any desired software solution, which helps your business grow and stand out.

Flat hierarchical structures enable us to make decisions fast and precisely. This allows us to avoid wasting resources and to maintain high code quality. When handling our projects, we keep the big picture in mind and don't get our focus wasted with micro management. Thanks to our transparency, our employees and clients are always informed - because we share our knowledge and experience with each other.

Software Development

Each project always has it's "first line of code". Sometimes it's a "greenfield project", other a "legacy code" refactoring task, or just a "small feature" which a client needs "asap".

Software architecture design

Don't let your "first lines of code" become a spaghetti mess. Always try to relay on proven design patterns and solutions which already kept others many sleepless nights.


We are always ready to share our knowledge, and open to learn new things with you together. Our experience is not a "lucky luck", but rather the result of many years dedicated hard work and learning.

What We Know

Our current technology focus is mainly in field of industrial automation, but we are constantly expanding our horizons.

Each team member enriches us by his passion, coding style and various technology background. In the end we are all "techie's", happy to always explore new stuff.

C# development

There is a reason, why C# stands on the first place. We have the most experience with this language and have done a variety of projects ranged from backend, GUI, mobile-apps and even linux with .net core. And each new framework version and it's features, keeps things still interesting.


OPC-UA is one of the most used way to communicate in the automation area. It's a vendor independent fieldbus protocol which is seen as an enabling technology for industry 4.0. We have many years of experience in sdk's implementation and ground knowledge.

C++ development

C++ is the most common and target independent programming language in the automation field. It it's now in "renaissance" stage, and increese its popularity, due to the fact that's the newest versions made huge steps to make it very usable.


Writing code in the "normal" way, without any tests is easy. But why spend later so much time on "bug hunts"? Writing the test first and then code only as much as needed to fulfill it, that's a different story. The achieved quality and code coverage "speaks for itself".

Software Archiecture & UML Design

Every complex problem can be better understood when it's divided into smaller pieces and "presented on a whiteboard". Our many years of experience with UML and design patterns allows to speed up decision making and sets solid foundation for each project.

HMI & Visu

Human Machine Interface and visualization solutions are the gateways to the internal data of each plc hardware. We are expirienced in developing industrial opc-ua and web based HMI solutions.


Your team needs some new discussion side to be able to stay in touch with the latest trends and well known patterns? Contact us and we'll be your knowledge-gainer.


Your get lost in the wide amount of different technology terms and software solutions? Contact us and we'll help you get back on track.

Hi, We're RS-CODE, & Do awesome stuff.

What We Use

We are constantly extending our skills by learning new stuff.

"A fool with a tool is still a fool" - yeah that's right :)
We don't only know the tools, but also have the experience how to best use them.

Our Team

We are growing fast.

We started over 6 years ago, as a single freelancer work, with many years of expirience in IT-Software with background in field of industrail automation. Now, we are a 6 engineers man-team and welcome everyone who's loyal to our values, to be also a part of it. Our goal is to grow even more and be able to call new persons our team.

Job offers

Become an RS-CODE'r

Start your career with us or write the continuation of your story. Develop yourself by working side by side on interesting projects with experienced professionals from our team.

Below you will find our current job offers. If you like one, apply.
You didn't find what you were looking for, please write to us at: rekrutacja@rs-code.com.


.NET WinForms developer

Let's develop great tech together

Your ideas, our technical knowledge

Where We Work

Our brand new office is located in Racibórz city center. (Silesia, Poland)

At a space of almost 100m² we tried to establish a modern and flexible working culture, which fits best to our young team. Our developers are allowed to work partially from home and sometimes even combine it with travel-trips, as long the internet connection is fast enough and stable :)

Good coffe

Often more worth than any pc.


We welcome new team members.


Always be up-to date.

Coffebreak outside

Its good to take a short breake in the sun.


There is always time to read.

Ocean coding

Perfect view.

Best office

We value home-office.

Sky is no limit

Sometimes we even code in the sky.

Openspace office

Enough space.

Travel & code

Remote work.

Office kitchen

Rest & eat :)

Office couches

Rest & chill :)

Our first anniversary

1 year RS-code B-Day party :)

Be an RS-code'r

Almost as an superhero :)

Office opening

Party :)

TDD with fun

When the boss is not around :D

Little nature

Looks nice

Holy light


Our coding Godfather


House of RS-code

Our banner :D

Feels like home

Looks nice

Changing the world line by line




Work together

Available business models.

It's up to you to decide, how to start working together with us.

Be part of your team

The easiest way to start to work with us and try us out. Your team needs help for the upcomming release?, got sick or has even just left you?
Our engineers can support you remotely by a fix price per hour. The price is adjusted for each developer individually, depending on his experience.

Order software solution

You give us the specifications & requirements. We will give you our price. After we agree on an release date and define milestones, we start to work on your project.

Let's do it Agile way

We can work by a pure scrum process and you are our product owner. Each Sprint you can adjust the development direction, to get what your desired solftware solution is.

Flexible modes

You have a particular idea in mind? Just contact us and let's disscuss how can we help.

Years of expirience
Lines of code
Cups of Coffee
Spend hours in front of pc

Contact Us

Get in touch and let's make something great together. Let's turn your idea on an even greater software product.

office@rs-code.com +48 787 603 333

Where To Find Us

ul. Długa 46
47-400 Racibórz, PL

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